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Weapons of the Terrorists
Weapons of the Terrorists

Syrian TV Shows Confessions of Terrorist Cell

(H. Zain / R. al-Jazaeri | Dp-news – Sana)

DAMASCUS- Syrian State TV on Wednesday showed confessions of a terrorist cell which was supplied with money and weapons by foreign bodies to to implement plots and acts of sabotage in Syria, in addition to presenting various types of weapons seized along with the terrorist cell.

Head of the terrorist cell, Anas Kanj, said "I was born in Damascus in 1982 and I work in the field of billboards in Housh Blas industrial city…I was arrested on Sunday, 10th of April...I had formed a cell encompassing two members namely, Mohammad Bader al-Qalam and Mohammad Ahmad al-Sukhneh. I head the cell under the name /The Syrian Revolution/, which is aimed at moving the country from a bad situation to a better one."

He added "We were recently tasked with a mission to launch an armed attack against al-Sbeineh Police Station in Damascus Countryside taking advantage of the low level of security around it"

He went on saying" I recruited al-Qalam and al-Sukhneh as they have been my intimate friends for more than 5 or 6 years, and I trust them and they trust me, which is why I recruited them...When I suggested this issue to them, they said ok and that they need weapons, and I told them that weapons are available…We received orders to instigate the people to go out for demonstrations, particularly near the Umayyad Mosque. Therefore, I sent Bader with 8 young people to the Mosque to chant 'freedom' slogans, and about 500 people gathered around them. After that, the security forces came, and Bader fled under the pretext that he is a translator or a tourist guide with two foreign female tourists."

"We were instructed later to be armed and to make operations in support of the people in Daraa and all the Syrian provinces such as Lattakia and Baniyas…This was to be done through Ahmad Audeh whom I have known for more than a year and a half and who was the messenger between me and MP Jamal al-Jarrah in Lebanon, and he told me that we must shoot at the demonstrators, the rally and the young men who support President Bashar al-Assad. I took some sniper and Kalashnikov rifles from him and headed towards the rally, but neither me nor my companions could shoot at the young men because we consider them our fellow brothers… so I returned and told him (Audeh) so, but he rejected this and said that we must shoot and sow sedition among the young men, and make it appear that the supporters are the ones who did that," Kanj said.

He added "Of course, I was not seeing Ahmad that much as he was frequently going to Lebanon and would only come when there were new instructions or a new mission. The last mission was to attack Sbeineh Police Station in Damascus Countryside on the basis that Ahmad would provide us with a car similar to that of the security forces, in addition to highly sophisticated telephones…We assigned someone with the task of taking photos for the injured and the killed people and sending the photos directly to al-Thawra Website site on Facebook."

"Of course Ahmad had been recently telling me that he belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood Group and that he would let me meet MP Jamal al-Jarrah, who was very generous with me to the extent that he wouldn't let me need anything…and he would help me whenever anyone of my family was ill, and whenever I needed money. I was supposed to see him, but I couldn't due to his circumstances," Kanj said.

"The last time I met Ahmad, he proudly told me about a person called Fidaa al-Sayyed whom he claimed he was the secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Syria and is well-known in the country…He said that he will take me to the MP al-Jarrah after attacking Sbeineh Police Station, and he told me that al-Jarrah is very generous and he will recruit me and make me close to him…I asked him when we were going to attack the station, and he told me that we must appear as police officers or security members when we will attack the station, and we must kill people and sabotage the country," he added.

He went on saying" I asked him when he would let me meet al-Jarrah, and he said 'al-Jarrah is in Lebanon, and I work in Bekaa and the contacts between me and him are weak somehow, and when he is not busy we will go and see him'…so I told him that there was no problem, and I was in need for money to strengthen my cell ."

Kanj said "Ahmad had told me that there were other cells. I don't know them or they are unknown. But he deals with those in charge of them...they have plenty of weapons which he brought through Lebanon in a way of bribery …He has a group of persons on the border who make sure he doesn't get isnpected."

"I said to Ahmad 'If one day, we get a strange weapon, how could we train ourselves on using it', and he told me 'I had prepared a training cell to train you on using all weapons'…The cell trained us on using the sniper rifles which I didn't know their names or how to use them. however, it proved very easy to deal with… He gave us some sniper rifles and some weapons which we knew how to use them and some which we didn't, so he trained us on using them."

Kanj added "Regarding the attacks, Ahmad would draw them out for us very precisely. He warned us to abide by his instructions in order to avoid any mistakes. In the latest operation, his aim was to attract attention through al-Thawra Website on Facebook to make the people believe that the Syrian security members are the ones who were killing the citizens."

He added "Ahmad told us that we should support our brothers in Daraa and in all the other Syrian provinces, and that we should be unified to get rid of this regime in any way because it is an unjust regime, so I asked Ahmad 'what If we needed more weapons, and when we recruit more persons what should we do?' he told me 'your job is to recruit persons, and as for the money or weapons, don't worry they are available'."

"I always said to myself that I should inform the security patrols, but they were faster than me," said Kanj.

For his part, member of the terrorist cell Mohammed Bader al-Qalam said "I am a Syrian citizen. I was connected to a person called Anas Kanj who has been my friend for more than five years. At the time when the demonstrations started in Syria, my friend Kanj came to me and told me 'Let us go out and demonstrate'. I asked him 'how could we demonstrate and we are only two...what should we do?' He said we should get the people to gather and go out to the streets. I asked him how we would gather the people, he said 'I am ready to support you with money, and we will give the people money to demonstrate with us', so I asked him from where he got the money from, and I insisted on him to tell me from where he gets the money, so he was compelled to tell me that there is a person who supports him called Jamal al-Jarrah who is connected with the Muslim Brotherhood Group and that there was a messenger between al-Jarrah and Kanj who is a worker called Ahmad Audeh, who is the coordinator between them."

Al-Kalam added "we went out and gathered people and we paid money for them, then we took to the street to the demonstration which took place at the Umayyad Mosque about two weeks ago. We demonstrated, and we returned home and nobody has stopped us."

Al-Qalam said "in the second week, Kanj said demonstrations are not enough, we must do sabotage acts to destroy the country, I asked him why, he said it is necessary to sabotage the country, I asked him how, we haven't weapons, and what kind of sabotage acts we should do, he said we can make an explosion or any other thing, I told him " we haven't weapons or any thing, he told me " it is not your business, during a twenty four hours we can get weapons, I asked him what kind of weapons he told me weapons like sniper rifles and RPG launchers. All you want is available; even if it needed tanks are available. I told him really, to this extent. He answered me, talking about demonstrations…. Do you believe that people demonstrate by themselves, most people who demonstrate do that for money which means that there is someone who gave them money and support them."

Al-Qalam added I didn't discuss the issue with him so much, and what is important is that Kanj wanted to meet me and Ahmad Audeh in Damascus, Audeh came and we met in Damascus. He said he is ready to bring anything to us and to provide a car for us, and I was the one who was supposed to drive it (the security car), and he said that he is ready at the time when we explode the police station to take photos and to immediately send them to the Facebook so that the people will say "Look, the security members are sabotaging the country".

Al-Qalam said "We met (Audeh, Kanj Sukhneh and I) in Damascus and Audeh started to give us the plan. Regarding Kanj I felt that he has a trend to the Muslim Brotherhood, but as for Audeh I am sure that he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but how I Know that Kanj has this trend to the Muslim Brotherhood is because when he asked me to demonstrate, he told me that we should demonstrate against the regime."

For his part, member of the terrorist cell, Mohammed Ahmad Sukhneh, said "I was born in Damascus in 1986. My friends are Kanj and Al-Kalam. Kanj was the most instigator among us. Al-Qalam has a tendency to participate in what took place, and Kanj exploited this tendency and they started to talk about political issues."

Sukhneh added "al-Qalam participated in a demonstration in the Umayyad Mosque and a demonstration in Kefer Susah Mosque and he told us about these issues. It was a mere talking, and one day I met with them after they called me. I met with Kanj and al-Kalam in a house at Bab Mussala area in Damascus and there I met with a man called Ahmad but I didn't know his surname…During the meeting, they touched upon the situation in the country and the news items broadcasted by al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia news channels which rise the people's anger and sow hatred and malice against the security forces on the basis that the security forces have done these acts according to the people…During the meeting, we talked about what we shall do, and Kanj had planned to attack al-Sbeineh Police Station and to take the weapons of the policemen because the station is not secured enough."

Sukhneh said "Kanj told us that if one of us will be martyred, his family will get a very big prize, and if anyone of us survived, he will get a prize and a monthly salary, and that there are foreign groups who supply them with weapons, and there is a second operation as much as they could recruit persons and try to make the people hold in demonstrations to denounce the security forces and what is going on in the country."

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a joke
southparkbear            4/16/2011 10:58:22 PM
I wonder the syrian tv has yet to pull a confession from an ape. I am sure it's coming
Remove the comment box
William Scott Scherk            4/13/2011 8:52:25 PM
I posted a comment, and saw on the screen, "Thank you for your contribution, your post will need some time to be published." Why do you need time to publish the comments? Why do you not allow comments but put a comment box on your story pages?
Are comments allowed?
William Scott Scherk            4/13/2011 8:50:53 PM
I have yet to see any comments on any article on this site. Why do you have a comment box when no comments are allowed?
Syrian -Iranian
Ali            4/13/2011 7:21:46 PM
This is the same tactic that Iranian regime has used against the Iranian people who dared to protest. All confession are either fabricated or obtained under unbearable and inhumane conditions
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