Block Option: the new binary option platform?


Recently, when the coin market showed signs of going down. Investors have turned to other investment models such as binary options, MT4 or MT6. That’s why the exchanges have massively out. But finding a safe and quality exchange to invest in is not easy. Today we introduce an upcoming binary trading platform, Block Option.

What is Block Option?

Block Option is a binary trading platform based in Japan that may launch soon. The platform is based on blockchain technology combining smart contract and ERC20 platform. Block Option was founded by Mr David Stevenson – a senior adviser on organizations working on Blockchain.

Such as other binary exchanges, investors will also predict the direction of the increase or decrease of asset value within a 1-minute time frame (fixed time). If you choose the right investors, you will gain profits and vice versa.

Block Option fees

According to information, the transaction fee on the exchange is quite “comfortable”. Fees include deposits, withdrawals and trade fees.

Deposit fee: Free when you deposit with BTC, ETH, USDT or Visa. You only lose the fee of the bitcoin buyer or visa gateway only.

Withdrawal fee: 0.02 ETH for investors who withdraw Ethereum port. 0.001 BTC for investors who withdraw Bitcoin port. Withdrawal via visa will not cost you money.

Transaction fee: you will be charged 5% on 1 trading order (a very small number compared to the general level of the market)

block chain options

How Block Option works

Currently the exchange is finalizing the final full interface before launching. We have only just seen the demo interface of Block Option. The exchange has  integrated water drop model as some platforms MT6. But especially very transparent because the candle chart is integrated from Tradingview and the drop set has only 30 drops. Cannot be tampered with from any system.

The demo interface, as you can see, is not very nice and complete. Hopefully, the launch will have a more eye-catching interface. The expected platform could be launched on about 15/12. Let’s wait and see!



Above is a little information we have updated about Block Option. A binary trading platform based on the latest blockchain platform. Flooring has one advantage that is very transparent and can not be faked. This may be a playground for you to make money when Crypto is in a downturn.

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