The marvelous of Arab world


The marvel of Arab world, Dubai is a magnificent holiday journey’s end that is the fourth most visited tourist attraction in the world. Seeing Dubai must be an exciting experience as it is a city with world class and record braking architecture, old-style and cultural highpoints, splendid gardens and parks, historical museums and much more surprises for the visitors. The majestic landscapes and dominating skyscrapers cause a great appeal for the tourists. Dubai is an iconic holiday destination that offers glamorous activities for everyone. It is a dream land that offers sightseeing at awe-inspiring desert, a mixture of old and modern infrastructure, wonderful marine life, amazing shopping malls and adventurous and amusement parks. Here are some top tourist lures in Dubai that you must add in the list of your holiday destinations.

burj khalifa

Burj Khalifa          

The leading skyscrapers of Dubai and the largest man made structure in the world; Burj Khalifa must not be missed by anyone visiting this wonderful city. This superb building standouts at 829m high where the tourists can enjoy the breath-taking views of landscapes at the observation deck on the 124th floor. If you want yourself to feel in the sky, explore the 148th floor At the Top Sky for stunning going to places of interest experience that cannot be described in words. On wrapping the Burj Khalifa the tourists can experience the spectacular fountains.

burj al arab


The glorious Burj-Al-Arab is located on the non-natural island along the coastline and it is broadly popular as the only seven star hotel in the world. It is known as the most comfortable and one of the most lavish hotels where you can view the spectacular views of Dubai. At the Sky view Hotel on 27th floor enjoying tea with pleasant quick bites is a wonderful experience for the tourists where they can feel royalty and grandeur of Dubai. The most astonishing experience is seeing the beautiful choreographed lighting at the hotel in the evening. Burj-Al-Arab is a must see fascination while visiting Dubai.

dubai aquarium

Dubai Aquarium – Dubai Mall

Have fun at Dubai by exploring the biggest aquarium in the world that houses thousands of water animals and around 140 species. This magnificent aquarium is located at the ground floor in the Dubai Mall where the shopping lovers can enjoy nomadic through the world famous shops. The tourists can experience several exciting activities such as boating in glass boats, cage diving, shark diving and passing through the glass tunnel and seeing 270 degree view of aquarium.

dubai desert safari

Dubai Desert Safari

Experience the miracles of the Safari desert in Dubai and also cosset in a traditional safari dinner or BBQ. The tourists can enjoy sand boarding, quad biking, visiting the desert resorts & spa, renowned camel rides and beautiful sunset. The Safari Desert is a worth visiting place while you are in Dubai that must not be missed. The enjoyable dinner and astonishing belly dance causes great appeal to the visitors.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

As articulated by its name Dubai Miracle Garden is really a marvelous place that must be visited to enjoy the tint of colors. This biggest flower garden in the world spans at almost 2000 square meters and houses around 100 million enormous natural flowers. Nearly everything is this garden is made up of colorful flowers from windmills to chalets and a model of Burj Khalifa in flowers. The nature lovers should definitely visit this amazing garden with lush greenery and blooming flowers. The visit to this amazing garden will make you feel as you are walking in a Paradise.